Custom shelves for the pantry, by Hendrik

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Hendrik shows how he transformed his pantry into a neatly organized storage area. For this job he ordered custom MDF panels with HPL. Read more about his approach and experience below.

Description of Hendrik

The pantry is equipped with beautiful MDF planks sawn to size by this online sawmill. In this project I opted for (slightly more expensive) fantastic quality planks that look neat and are easy to keep clean. In our opinion, a good price-quality ratio. This way we can look forward to years to come with this neat and organized cupboard with plenty of space to store stock. The cupboard has a practical layout and a lot of extra space has been created for bottles, suits, cleaning supplies and larger items that can be placed at the bottom of the cupboard. We are happy and satisfied with it.

How I made this project

We had the planks cut 25 cm wide. And screwed alternately to the bottom of the steps for extra strength. Attached with black matte brackets, 17 pieces, so that everything is properly secured to the wall. The space between the shelves is so spacious that a large bottle can be placed between them. Except for the bottom and second bottom shelves so that you still have some more space at the bottom for larger boxes or crates. Started with planks at the top and worked downwards from there. A handyman was called in to carry out everything. In this way everything has become very stable and sturdy.

Dimensions of my DIY project

25.0 cm wide
Length up to under the steps. Measured in advance up to the wall.

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How next?

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