Wood and wooden sheets

We can cut any type of wood to size with millimetre precision. This allows you to create your own do-it-yourself project in no time. Will you choose MDF, furniture boards, plywood or a cool and robust solid timber panels? We have a broad range, so you can easily order cut-to-size wooden sheets online.

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Professional sawing work for everyone

Wooden sheets are sheets made of wood-like material such as solid wood or wood veneer. The wood-like material is glued together and processed into large sheets, which are available in various sizes and may or may not be finished with a surface layer or veneer layer. 

There are many types of wood and sheet materials, each with their own unique properties or appearance. In addition to finishing work, sheet material is also extremely suitable for making furniture such as tables and cabinets. Due to the diversity of available wooden sheets, thicknesses and the simplicity with which it can be processed, the possible applications are endless. 

Looking for a wide range of cut-to-size wooden sheets? In addition to wooden sheets such as MDF, plywood, chipboard and various boards, we also offer phenolic plywoodOSB and underlayment. Besides these sheets, we also have furniture boards and solid wood panels in our range.

Types of wood and wooden sheets

Complete your project with our wood range. Whether it’s wooden beams and battens, wooden sheets or a fun DIY project, you can easily order your desired wooden sheets online.

Our range includes the following types of wooden sheets:

In our web shop, you can order them all cut to size in different thicknesses, shapes and finishes.

Special shapes

In addition to rectangles and squares, you can also order a variety of shapes online. Wooden boards in a circular, hexagonal or rectangular shape with bevelled edges so you can make a corner table or desk? No problem! See all forms here and make creative use of the possibilities.

Finish wooden boards with a milling edge

Even a custom-made round table can easily be realized with cut-to-size wooden sheets. Choose a decor, such as MDF Black Water-resistant, and have it rounded, bevelled or machined with one of the other finishes. Want to finish chipboard with ABS tape? We'll help you with your project. Professional sawing and milling work, so you can complete your project quickly and easily. See all finishes here.

Applications of wood and wooden sheets

The wooden sheets in our range can be used for various applications, both indoors and outdoors. Will you opt for structural or decorative wooden sheets? You don't need to be a carpenter to work with wooden sheets. MDF in particular is easy to assemble and finish. With the help of our extensive wood information and our professional sawmill, you can have wood and wooden sheets cut to size and create your dream project.