Custom-made carpentry panel pine wall shelves for the kitchen, by Ahmet

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Very easy

2 minutes

Custom-sawn sheet material helps you realize your own DIY project. For example, by making wall planks in the desired thickness, to match the rest of your interior. Ahmet got to work with the idea of ​​creating more storage space in his kitchen. He came up with the idea of ​​having a pine carpentry panel cut to size in a thickness of 40mm. He has used this to create practical and beautiful wall shelves.

Description by Ahmet

We wanted space to store our coffee and kitchen appliances somewhere in a beautiful and fun way. So we decided to make a coffee corner next to our high cupboards.

How I made this project

The 40 mm pine carpentry panels that I used match very nicely in terms of thickness my kitchen table. This is also 40 mm thick. Our kitchen table is dark in color. My first step was to treat the planks with dark color stain. I used 1 layer of stain. I then varnished the planks to make them scratch resistant. I gave the planks 2 coats of lacquer/varnish. I used a simple brush for the stain and varnish. I then mounted the planks blindly so that the supports are not visible. I had no working drawings and it took about a day, including drying time.

Dimensions of my DIY project

40.0 x 66.0 cm

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