Make your own custom floating wooden TV cabinet, by Amber

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Amber shows that a TV cabinet does not always have to be a whole piece of furniture. Using pine wood panelling, she has created a beautiful floating TV cabinet. By painting it in the color of the wall, it has become a very beautiful whole.

Description of Amber

We wanted a floating shelf as a TV 'furniture'. When you think of furniture, you think of a kind of cupboard with doors or at least storage space. The advantage of a shelf under your TV is that it does not become a storage place for odds and ends. There are always a few permanent objects on it, but nothing more. I like things tidy and this is perfect! In addition, you keep the space open and airy by not using legs or placing a solid TV cabinet on the floor. This not only makes the space look a lot tidier, but also makes it look larger. It is also practical, because you can easily vacuum or mop under the furniture.

How I made this project

This was a piece of cake. We measured the dimensions, within five minutes the custom wood was ordered and it arrived after one week. We found a hanging system ourselves that allowed us to attach the furniture to the wall. We sanded the wood very lightly and then primed it. To create one whole, we finally painted the shelf in the wall color. The spruce wood combines beautifully with natural colors and materials. It provides a calm basis in your interior that is very easy to combine. Finally, the best part: the styling! We chose some nice candlesticks, a beautiful coffee table book and some wood blocks for a cozy feeling.

Dimensions of my DIY project

We chose a plank of 160.0 x 30.0 centimeters. Just the right size for us. A thinner board would be too thin for us. The furniture may well be an eye-catcher. A thicker beam would be really cool. Too robust and certainly too heavy. The length of the beam? We calculated this based on the width of the wall and the TV.

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How next?

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