'Blind' shelves in the bathroom made of Black MDF Moisture-resistant, by Marit

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Description by Marit

I made a set of blind shelves that fit seamlessly into a niche in my bathroom. These shelves have been carefully designed and assembled to provide a minimalist and functional storage solution. By using high-quality corner profiles that are firmly attached to the wall, the shelves can be easily slid in and provide a sleek and seamless look in the room. These shelves maximize the available space and are an inexpensive solution to improve your bathroom.

How I made this project

The realization of this project started with thorough preparation. I started by carefully cleaning the tiles on the wall where the blind shelves would be mounted, followed by patching all the gaps, including those from the previous piece of furniture, to ensure a smooth finish. The corner profiles were then sawn to size and securely attached with high-quality kit, creating a stable base for the planks. The planks themselves were fitted to the sloping walls, carefully sanded and then precision varnished to provide lasting protection and maintain an attractive appearance.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Planks of 44.0 cm by 41.0 cm

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How next?

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