DIY Black Niche Shelves in the Bathroom, by Eric

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Homemade niche shelves: stylish and practical

Be inspired by Eric's DIY project: black niche shelves that bring functionality and design together in your bathroom. This approach not only provides more storage space, but also adds a personal touch to your interior.

Durable and Custom

Eric has chosen MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black from 22mm thickness, cut to size by Each plank is measured and placed to blend in with the environment of its bathroom. Due to the flexibility in dimensions, Eric was able to ensure that the planks fit snugly to the niche. The dark color provides a contrast with the light tiles and gives a modern look.

The perfect match for the bathroom

Eric's bathroom shows how these black niche shelves transform an empty space into a nice storage place. The dark color of the planks fits perfectly with the clean lines of the bathroom tiles and sanitary ware, which provides a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Benefits of DIY

The choice to Making niche shelves yourself offers many advantages. In addition to saving on costs, it gives you control over the choice of materials and dimensions. This ensures that you create a project that fully meets your wishes and needs. Making niche shelves yourself is an excellent way to give your bathroom a personal touch without putting a strain on your budget.

Sleek and Timeless Design

These niche shelves have a sleek , minimalist appearance, which contributes to the modern atmosphere of the bathroom. Eric's choice for black MDF provides a sturdy appearance, making the planks striking, but not overpowering.

Advantage of MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black

The choice for MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black is not a coincidence. This material is ideal for damp areas such as the bathroom. Not only does it withstand typical temperature fluctuations and humidity, but it also provides an even surface that is easy to maintain. The black gives the planks a powerful expression and makes them an eye-catcher in the room.

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