A homemade pantry in a pantry, by Tobias

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2 minutes

You can't have enough space in your home, especially in the kitchen! How ideal is it to have a (closed) pantry for storing kitchen supplies? Tobias has such a handy space and it is also very cleverly and practically designed as a pantry. By making smart use of space and by ordering the sawing work online, the job can be done properly. And it provides years of storage convenience.

Description by Tobias

A pantry close to our kitchen with six shelves as a pantry where we can store our complete stock. The planks are attached to the wall and have a front that makes them look like thick planks.

How I made this project

First we started by mounting wooden planing planks to the wall. Make sure the planing blocks are thick enough to support the planks. The planing slats are attached with plugs in a solid wall. Two planing slats are also attached to a plaster wall with hollow wall plugs or they are screwed directly into the wooden uprights. Before drilling with a wall detector, make sure you carefully check for any electricity or water pipes in the wall. After installing the planing slats, I measured everything, plank by plank. Then ordered the sawn panels online! The planks are made by screwing a front perpendicular to the planks. A corner profile has already been mounted and pre-drilling has been done so that the planks can also be screwed to the upright later. The planks are then glued with wood glue to the planing slats and attached to a post. The rough corners were then plastered and the whole thing was painted twice. Done!

Dimensions of my DIY project

The shelves are 34.5cm deep. The width is approximately 105.0cm in the short corner and 127.0cm in the long corner. See working drawing.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Tobias's saw list and complete your order easily.


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