A homemade large floating desk made of pine wood carpentry panel, by Ingmar

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2 minutes

Making it yourself and to measure is often a good (and more fun) alternative than standard furniture or a product from the hardware store. This project proves that you can realize very nice custom projects with custom-sawn sheet material, but it does not necessarily have to be more expensive. Ingmar shows how he made a large and beautiful floating desk from sawn timber panel pine.

Description of Ingmar

A large floating desk with a panel thickness of 28 mm. Finished with a narrower slat of 7.0 cm so that you do not see the supporting structure.

How I made this project

Inspired by a similar project. A wooden carpentry panel of this size was only available in standard size at the hardware store and was difficult to transport. We therefore ordered one carpentry panel of 74.0 cm wide and one of 7.0 cm wide as a finish. We attached the carpentry panel to pine beams (44 by 69 mm) and glued and screwed the smaller plank to it. This makes the top appear extra thick and is very sturdy. Attaching the beams (level) takes some figuring out, but measuring is knowing! Impact plugs were ideal (60 or 80mm long was sufficient here). Make sure you drill deep enough with a good concrete drill, so you avoid bending or crippling the impact plugs ;). The top is screwed from underneath the beams with 5x80mm Torx screws. Iron corner connections have been used for extra strength. The smaller plank glued to the underside of the top and reinforced with smaller corner joints and screws. The result is very nice and the desk is beautiful at a height of 75cm!

Dimensions of my DIY project

The dimensions are 210.0 by 74.0 by 2.8 cm


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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Ingmar's saw list and complete your order easily.


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