Transform your living room with a custom staircase design, by Marten

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Inspiring staircase renovation in a modern living room

Are you looking for a way to give your living room a fresh and modern look? Then take a look at Marten's project, who transformed his staircase with precision and an eye for detail. In this inspiration article we take you through the process of closing a staircase with custom sawn risers, and show you how this element can completely transform your living space.

Custom sawn risers: the heart of the renovation

The stairs in Marten's living room were previously open, which gave a messy appearance to the space. By adding sleek, custom-sawn risers from, he not only gave the space an aesthetic upgrade, but also increased safety and created extra storage space under the stairs. The neutral white color of the risers provides a timeless look that fits seamlessly with the rest of the living room interior.

The aesthetic benefits of do-it-yourself stair renovation

By working on the To start renovating your stairs, you can fully tailor the dimensions and material to your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. Marten has chosen MDF Primed boards of 12 mm, which offers a flexible and paintable surface. This not only gives him control over the dimensions, but also over his budget. Moreover, DIY renovation gives a satisfaction that you do not easily obtain with a standard solution.

The style of Marten's do-it-yourself project

Marten's project radiates a modern and minimalist style that fits perfectly with contemporary interior trends. The seamless transition from the living room to the upper floor, thanks to the improved staircase, has created a calm and organized atmosphere that contributes to a relaxing living experience.

The advantages of MDF Primed

MDF Primed is a versatile material that is ideal for projects like this. The pre-treated priming makes painting a lot easier and ensures a smooth finish. MDF also does not absorb moisture, making it a good option for indoor use. Finally, MDF boards are easy to cut to size, allowing you to create a custom project that looks professional.

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