Close stairs with custom plywood risers, by Aldin

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2 minutes

Aldin shows in this DIY project how he closed his open staircase. For this project he ordered custom-made plywood interior poplar so that he could start immediately. Read more about his approach and experience below.

Description of Aldin

I closed the stairs to the attic. We noticed that a lot of dust falls down and in terms of safety for children it is better. In addition, it is also more efficient for the heat. Steps I took: - Measure the stair steps in length and height. - Determine material for the risers. 12mm chosen plywood. Is sufficiently thick. 20mm is really way too thick. - Enter order and order. - Get started.

How I made this project

- First all the steps were measured in length and width.
- Ordered 12 mm thick white primed plywood, this is better than MDF. You don't have to paint it as often for a sleek result.
- Then fitted the risers
- Pre-drilled the risers with a countersink.
- Then mount the steps with wood glue on the inside and top and screw them in place.
- Filled the holes where I screwed. -
Then everything was sanded well
- Primed
-Edges sealed
Needs to be varnished.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The risers differ in size. I have two turns in the stairs, which makes it difficult. I kept the height at 17.5 cm. There is a small edge, but I don't find this disturbing. The length of the risers varies from 90 to 130cm

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How next?

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