Sealing stairs with primed MDF, by Danny

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Danny's description

I closed my attic stairs. Measured the steps. Always take two points because the steps may slope slightly or differ. Use acrylic sealant is sturdy and prevents squeaking of steps. When receiving wood, first check per step whether it actually fits and, if necessary, saw it mitered at your own discretion. First apply kit edge to the steps, then apply MDF against it. And staple or drill. Drilling is not an option with MDF 9 mm as the wood is too thin. Stapling or carpentry is possible.

How I made this project

  1. The heights and widths per steps were measured
  2. Steps numbered
  3. li>MDF primed 9 mm ordered. Each plank has been given a step number so that it is easy to see which step is which number.
  4. Fit through steps, adjust/miter if necessary
  5. Cut and staple. (For thicker wood you can also drill instead of staples)
  6. Sealing so that no seams are visible. Sealing away from you ensures that it remains neat.
  7. Sanding and painting.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Different per step

Dimensions of my DIY project

Different per step


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