Closing an open staircase to the attic with sawn MDF panels, by Matthijs

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With an open staircase to the attic you can lose a lot of heat in your home. Closing an open staircase is therefore a smart and sustainable project. Matthiijs got to work with this idea. He ordered custom-sawn MDF 12mm panels to easily close the stair steps themselves. 

Description by Matthijs

Because of the open stairs to the attic I lost a lot of heat to the attic. Now that I have closed it, I notice this reflected in the energy costs.

How I made this project

I was able to measure each step accurately to the millimeter and enter it on the site. You can easily give each step a characteristic so that you know which step it is. I had the planks rounded at the bottom for a nice finish. The steps were delivered perfectly to size. Due to good packaging during transport, they arrived undamaged. Screws at the bottom are secured straight into the step. The screws at the top are drilled at an angle for a good and sturdy finish.

Dimensions of my DIY project

18.0 x 125.0 cm

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