Birch plywood stair balustrade, by Chris

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2 minutes

Description by Chris

After our complete renovation it was time to tackle the stairs. We wanted to make a wooden stair balustrade that extends from the stairs to the next floor. It took a long time to search, but luckily I found the right wood at We have been using more birch plywood in the house so it worked out well that we could get that for this project as well. We had beams cut from thick plywood that run like bars from the side of the stairs to the first floor, where they serve as a fence. The beams are screwed to the stairs and glued together at the top. The whole is finished with transparent furniture lacquer. All in all, very satisfied with the result.

How I made this project

Having birch plywood beams cut to size. The beams themselves were shortened and chamfered to fit the stairs. Then finished the edges at an angle with a cutter and then carefully sanded all beams. The beams are attached to the side of the wooden stairs and to the floor with screws. Finally, we attached the top of the gate with dowels and wood glue on top for a sturdy balustrade fence. Then the screw holes in the stairs were concealed with wood plugs and wood filler and everything was repainted with furniture lacquer.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Approximately 300.0 cm x 140.0 cm

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