Homemade dining bench with custom storage space made of MDF, by Coralie

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We have made a dining bench at our dining table, so that we can sit comfortably with many people at the dining area. We wanted something that was sleek and playful and of course exactly to size.

DIY: Create a custom dining bench including extra storage space

We first gained inspiration and drew a design. We wanted the dining bench long enough to seat at least 3 people and precisely sized between the two walls. In terms of style, it could be sleek and white, which is why we also opted for MDF with a lacquer layer. Saves a lot of painting and sanding work ;).

We opted for a number of compartments in the cupboard, so that we could also store some things. It's great that everything was delivered cut to size. We just had to saw off an oblique corner, so that it slopes nicely towards the shorter wall.

A custom-made dining bench

296.5 x 46.0 x 50.0 cm

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