Bookcase with sofa for the children's room made of underlayment, by Marlie

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2 minutes

Description by Marlie

For my daughter's bedroom I created a sofa-cabinet solution: an L-shaped cabinet that serves as a sofa and a bookcase. With a depth of 30.0 cm, the bookcase looks airy and not too massive, while the sofa with a depth of 40.0 cm provides a nice seat. This arrangement maximizes the space, offers her a cozy seat and makes optimal use of the available space. Now she not only has a comfortable place to sit, but also plenty of storage space for her belongings. The result is a practical and cozy solution that she can easily access herself.

How I made this project

I drew the cabinet design, measured everything and then ordered the shelves. I then started marking on the longest planks where the shelves and standing planks should be placed. I did this on both sides of the plank, so that it is clear on the other side where the screws should go. Then I screwed everything together. I use reinforcing corners for the shelves in the sofa. Then I placed the bookcase on the sofa cabinet and secured it to the bottom with screws. I used universal screws that sink (size 4x50mm). You can pre-drill, but I didn't do that. Mainly out of laziness, and that went well. Before screwing I put wood glue between the planks. After screwing, I coated the cracks in the cabinet with acrylic sealant (tip from Karwei). The next step is to paint the cupboard in a beautiful color!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height of bookcase and sofa together 268.0 cm
Height of sofa 50.0 cm
Width bookcase 73.0 cm
Width sofa 242.0 cm

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