Platform for home gym from custom underlayment fins spruce, by Tommy

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Very easy

1 minuut

Description of Tommy

I also ended up on this site through a DYI from a Crossfitter. I looked at several projects there and picked out the right one that would suit my home gym. I wanted a shelf that I could easily store away against the wall and that also provided enough space for weightlifting exercises. Hence the choice of 130.0 cm in length. I measured the width taking into account the squat rack and its dimensions so that it fits neatly.

How I made this project

After measuring at home, it was very easy to order. Because I was able to immediately select the right wood through another user's already created project, the order was placed in no time. I entered my measurements, the finish and chose a receipt date. Shipping went well, received a 2 hour time slot the day before. Handy because it meant I didn't have to stay at home all day. It fits great in the home gym, happy with this purchase and service!

Dimensions of my DIY project

130.0 x 105.0 cm

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