Round lounge seating made by Anna

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2 minutes

Woodwork as an expression of creativity

Can you feel the warmth of wood when you think of a stylish and cozy lounge? Anna has put this into practice and created a series of seats for her lounge herself. These custom-made wooden elements were cut with care and precision by and then finished by the creative builder herself.

The construction of the seats

With an eye for detail, Anna has made round seats from 10 mm thick Multiplex Waterproof B/BB. This choice of material ensures both durability and a natural look. The warm color nuances of the wood invite you to linger and make every seat an eye-catcher.

Project in harmony with the environment

These round seats found their place outdoors, embedded on a black woven rattan lounge. The natural wood look harmonizes perfectly with the robust character of the rattan furniture and the wooden floor of the terrace. Here, harmony with nature is a top priority.

Advantages of the DIY approach

By taking on a project like this yourself, you decide on every detail. The flexibility of customization, thanks to, and the free choice of material allow Anna to design her lounge according to her own ideas - and at a budget-friendly level.

A project characterized by individual style

Anna opted for a simple elegance that is reflected in the flowing shapes and the natural wood color. The "Modern Nature" style is defined by the clean design and organic materials that together create a timeless aesthetic.

Multiplex Waterproof B/BB - an all-rounder for outdoor furniture

Multiplex panels are known for their stability and water-repellent properties, making them ideal for outdoor use. This wood defies the effects of weather and retains its beautiful appearance for years, making it a smart choice for projects like Anna's lounge seating.

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