A plywood play/climbing house, by Gert

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'Grandpa, you have room for a playhouse' Me: 'Then make a drawing with what you want'
In the end, it doesn't have a bathroom as they had imagined, but they can play shop, be a pirate, climb and slide and live out their imagination.
We have a lot had fun designing and building.

DIY playhouse for the kids

First think a lot and draw everything to scale, where 1 meter is 10 cm.
There are 4 posts of 240.0 cm were used, 2 of 200.0 cm and 1 of 118.0 cm. The posts are in galvanized holders, which go some way into the ground. As you work, you sometimes adjust your plans slightly and notice that not everything is completely square and you have to make some adjustments to the ordered plates here and there. Finally, you come up with all kinds of fun accessories such as flags, a pirate steering wheel, benches, etc.

Cool custom-made playhouse

Wide 130.0 cm,
Long 200.0 cm
Height 300.0 cm
The floor for the slide is at a height of 122.0 cm.

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