Making a children's desk from ash carpentry panel 26 mm, by Stefan

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2 minutes

Although there are many standard children's desks for sale, it is of course much more fun to customize them yourself. Due to limited space or desired style, making it yourself can be a solution in some cases. In this DIY project, Stefan shows how he made a nice custom desk for children. For this job, he decided to order sawn wood panel ash in 26mm online. The result is a beautiful tailor-made children's desk.

Description by Stefan

Children's desk in a corner made of ash carpentry panel 26 mm with accompanying shelf also made of ash carpentry panel 26 mm. Desk in the corner is made of rectangular panel with a bevelled long side, shelf is made of 'plain' rectangle panel made. I personally expected the ash carpentry panels to be slightly darker, the paint has given the color a tint of dark, but it remains a light-colored wood as can be seen in the photos.

How I I made this project

Before installation, it was coated with clear varnish (Rambo armor paint interior transparent matt) 3 times, with sanding in between to prevent children's art from soaking into the wood. Mounting desk with 3 pieces of heavy-duty duraline shelf support in the wall with Fisher SX8 plugs. Near the 90 degree angle of the plank, you had to saw off a few thinner pieces of wood, because the walls do not have a perfect 90 degree angle to each other and are not exactly straight. No more running a crosscut saw. Mounting shelf with Duraline mounting set for 12 mm panels to make them float invisibly. Drilling neatly perpendicular holes in the end edges of 12 mm is not easy, but it can be done with the tools in the photo. Furthermore, of course, accurately determine the position of the holes of the plugs on the wall using a wooden template as an aid.

Dimensions of my DIY project

119.6 x 70.0 cm /p>

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How next?

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