A loudspeaker after Jean Hiraga made of sawn MDF, by Stefan

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In this DIY project, Stefan shows how he made his own speaker from sawn 25 mm MDF. By ordering the MDF sawn online, he was able to start this project quickly.

Description by Stefan

A pair of Le Petit speakers built after Jean Hiraga. On the YouTube channels of "Iam Mad" and "Snake Oil Audio" you can find out more about the history and construction of these unique speaker boxes.

How I made this project

The housings are made of 25 mm thick MDF, which were put together with wood glue - the surfaces were painted white with acrylic paint and then partially covered with gray foam rubber. The boxes were insulated with felt and acoustic foam. The chassis are from Fostex (with a Dynacord label), the 103 - with a very, very light paper membrane (approx. 70 mm). The bass reflex port also has a diameter of 70 mm. The baffle is reinforced with a 30x30 cm MDF board in the lower area. I found the parts list for the 14 MDF boards on this website.

Dimensions of my DIY project

35.2 cm wide
54.6 cm high 
22.7 cm deep

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Stefan's saw list and complete your order easily.


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