A personalized homemade MDF subwoofer, by Kylian

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1 minuut

In this DIY project, Kylian shows how he made a custom subwoofer. He wanted to make them himself for his Volkswagen golf V. The result is a basic MDF case in which the boxes can be placed.

Description of the Kylian

I started making a box for my 2 large 38 cm subs to place in the trunk of my car (golf 5)

How I carried out this project

I first identified each board then I started to trace the place where I was going to put the first screws then I pre-drilled the boards to measure, put the screws and made a rough assembly it does not All I have to do is take everything apart, insulate everything, add some screws, cut out the location of the subs and put a cloth on top to cover the box a little then make the connections, put it in the car, make the adjustments with the amplifier and let the magic of the subwoofer work

Dimensions of my DIY project

87.0 cm x 58.0cm x 56.0cm

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How next?

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