Self-made full range sound boxes made of MDF, by Eric

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2 minutes

In this DIY project Eric shows how he made his own custom sound boxes. He opted for blank MDF and ordered it custom-made online. This way he could start his project immediately.

Description of Eric

As a HIFI amateur, I want to make speakers with a high efficiency so that they can be driven by a class A amplifier with small power , 2 x 8 watts

How I made this project

I started from a full range speaker from Audax and an existing project for the cabinets from "La maison du Haut-Parleur" in Paris. You can find the sketch here. I ordered blank MDF panels of 25 mm thickness, which they delivered to my home after 3 days, very well packaged and, importantly, perfectly sawn to size, which is essential for building sound boxes. I glued the various panels with wood glue, later covered with acoustic insulation and bitumen self-adhesive panels. The bass reflex output is visible at the bottom. The recesses for loudspeaker and connection terminals were made with a router, as were the round holes. Furthermore, there is an electronic filter inside for a slight correction of the frequency spectrum. The entire project results in a high-quality loudspeaker for a democratic budget. The cabinets are still being sanded and painted with PU paint.

Dimensions of my DIY project

H 99.0 cm
W 25.0 cm
D 30.0 cm

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