Make self-produced Karlsonator speakers for shelves, from Fortunato

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2 minutes

Creating DIY Karlsonator Speakers

With the growing passion for high-fidelity audio and the pleasure of DIY, the Karlsonator single-drive bookshelf speaker project represents a perfect synthesis between acoustics and manual skills. Meticulously crafted by FORTUNATO, these speakers not only stand out for their audio performance, but also for the elegance and refinement of the design.

Acoustic innovation at your fingertips

Acoustic innovation at your fingertips


Designing a single-way speaker requires an in-depth understanding of sound dynamics. The integration of the load with acoustic lens of the Karlsonator type allows these speakers to delight with a crystal-clear sound performance. The 12 mm B/BB Birch Plywood panels, precise and tailor-made thanks to, contribute not only to the acoustic purity but also to the modern and minimalist aesthetic that characterizes these speakers.

Unique design and style

Every detail of this project has been designed to offer both functionality and beauty. From the precise geometry of the cabinet to the natural and soft finish of the wood, the bookshelf speakers reflect a contemporary and clean taste, ideal for being incorporated with discretion and elegance into a modern living room.

The freedom of customization

The freedom of customization


Creating your own bookshelf speakers offers unparalleled flexibility. By choosing to carry out this project, you will have full control over the final size and choice of materials. Furthermore, by managing the budget personally, you will have the opportunity to select components of the highest level, investing adequately in quality rather than in brands.

Style and harmony in the detail

The project it has been designed not only for first-class performance but also to integrate harmoniously into the home environment. In the living room, these speakers blend with existing furniture, becoming a focal point of style and sonic innovation. Their design, which recalls Scandinavian efficiency and simplicity, combines with different color palettes, contributing to the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.

The quality of Birch Plywood

Wood is the soul of every speaker. By using B/BB Birch Plywood, Fortunato has ensured that each speaker has not only a fine aesthetic appearance but also superior acoustic characteristics. Birch plywood is known for its strength and stability, crucial factors in creating speakers that maintain their shape and sound quality over time.

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