Round MDF circles covered with mosaic stones, by Tatjana

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In this project, Tatjana shows how she used MDF circles that she ordered individually online for her work of art. She covered it with mosaic stones until it was a beautiful and unique work of art.

Description from Tatjana

I use the MDF boards for my mosaic pictures. They're great to work with and you can make beautiful pictures out of them. It's fun and looks great. Let's get started.

How I did this project

To begin with, I paint with acrylic paints depending on my wishes or motif. Then I stick hundreds of mosaic stones onto the pictures. Beforehand, I think about exactly how I want it to be. Then fill with joint compound and design the edge as desired and you're done. It's time-consuming but nice as a gift for home etc., simply great. You can make real mandalas, which is relaxing and it's something you've made yourself, not bought. In theory, you can also embellish pictures with colors and other materials.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Various from 60 cm and 12 mm diameter or 30 or 49 cm diameter

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How next?

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