Creative Bats on a Potter's Wheel, by Annette

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2 minutes

Inspiration for your pottery: the perfect bats on a potter's wheel

Have you ever dreamed of shaping clay into your own unique creations? Annette made this dream come true with her DIY potter's wheel project, realized with sawn wood from Discover how you can set up your own pottery studio with the right materials and a touch of creativity.

The importance of good preparation

Annette knew that for a successful pottery experience everything starts with a good foundation . That is why she chose Okoumé Waterproof B/BB plywood of 10 mm thick, sawn to size by This type of wood is characterized by its flatness and stability, which is essential for accurate clay turning.

The construction of the bats: a look at the process

Selected with attention to detail Annette the wood for color and quality. The round shape of the bats matched the metal turntable, and a subtle ridge on the bottom of the bats ensured that it fit the turntable. 

The advantages of making it yourself: personalization and savings

Creating a potter's wheel and bats yourself means that you are not limited to standard dimensions or materials. Annette enjoyed the freedom to customize the dimensions and choose the best material for her project. This DIY process also offered her a cost-efficient solution, far removed from the often expensive ready-made alternatives.

A unique style: the finishing touch

The pottery project exudes a minimalist yet warm style, where the natural wood grain of the plywood bats provides a grounding and authentic atmosphere in Annette's studio.

The choice for Multiplex Okoumé Watervast B/BB

This type of wood offers many advantages; it is water resistant, easy to work with and has a nice even texture that contributes to the aesthetic pleasure of the end product. Ideal for an environment where creativity and functionality go hand in hand.

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How next?

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