Create wooden wall decorations with laser cutting, by Emma and Sami

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Emma et Sami

Emma et Sami



3 minutes

Transform your space with paintings and wall decorations from Emma and Sami

Are you looking for a touch of originality for your interior? Do not search anymore! Emma and Sami offer you the possibility of personalizing your walls with a unique collection of wooden paintings and wall decorations, made thanks to the precision of laser cutting and the quality of artisanal manufacturing.

The magic of laser cutting for an impeccable result

Through the skillful use of laser cutting technology, these creations captivate with their finesse and precision. Each piece is carefully designed to bring a unique and contemporary artistic touch to your interior.

Personalization in the spotlight with

All pieces The wood used for these works is carefully selected and cut to size at, ensuring a perfect fit for your project. Then, it is the creative spirit and know-how of Emma and Sami who take over to offer you truly unique pieces.

A universe of creativity opens up to you /h3>

Whether elegant depictions of natural landscapes or sophisticated geometric patterns, each creation brings with it a special atmosphere. Imagine a wall decor representing a precisely cut sunset, or a majestic tree that seems to come to life as daylight slips through its delicately sculpted branches.

A living room enhanced by craft

In the living room, these wall decors create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are a reflection of a perfect marriage between art and nature, an embodiment of the beauty that surrounds you, made possible thanks to natural and sustainable materials.

The advantages of home creation

By choosing to carry out a project yourself with Emma and Sami, you benefit from unparalleled flexibility in terms of dimensions and materials. You have full control of your budget and can thus add an exclusive creation to your decoration without compromising your finances.

The final touch: the selection of style

The project would not be complete without perfect harmony with the style of your interior. Paintings and wall decor can be adapted to a bohemian, industrial or even minimalist style. The timeless charm of wood blends with a variety of environments, allowing you to easily integrate them into your decor.

The quality of Black MDF V313 6 mm

This material of choice for your artistic works has many advantages. The 6mm Black V313 MDF provides a smooth surface which is ideal for a clean finish. Its robustness allows the fine details of the laser cut to be retained over the long term, ensuring that your wall decor will remain as impressive as the first day.

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