Mobile, oval bench table with walnut carpentry panel, by Paul

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Very easy

2 minutes

Looking for a walnut bench table? View a bench table made of walnut carpentry panel here and, just like the rest of your interior, give it an industrial look with walnut wood. You can make your DIY project a lot easier with sheet material cut to size by! 

Description by Paul

When furnishing our new home, there was also a need for a sofa table. Because both the dining table and the coffee table have an oval walnut top, it was decided to also make the sofa table oval. However, these are not available for sale ready-made. That's why I bought a new simple sofa table with a rectangular top and ordered an oval walnut top from with the same length and width proportions as the coffee table.

How I made this project

After receiving the beautiful and well-packaged oval tray, with exactly the specified dimensions. The dimensions of the ramp nuts and recesses from the original blade were transferred to the new blade. Transferred the ramp nuts and made the necessary recesses at the bottom (B side) of the top. The top was varnished twice with a dark stain on both sides and then varnished twice with Rambo satin armor lacquer. I am very satisfied with the result and now have a beautiful sofa table in the same style as the other tables thanks to

Dimensions of my DIY project

Oval, 85 .0 cm x 45.0 cm and the material is 26 mm thick

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How next?

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