Radiator conversion with wide windowsill, by Guido

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We have made a radiator conversion for the living room, with a wide windowsill on top. This way, the long radiator is less in sight, and we can enjoy the sun on the widened windowsill.

Radiator conversion and custom windowsill

1) All custom plates and slats sawn (unfortunately our frames do not run straight, so we had to cut them exactly to size ourselves)

2) The MDF panels and the pine wood were placed in the edge sealer (edges) and the top and bottom were treated with Rigo Sklyt lacquer.

3) Glued the slats to the construction slats and secured them together at the back with a screw. construct placed where it was supposed to be. Behind the construct, a piece of wood is glued to the wall on either side with mounting kit, which is screwed to the construct with a corner bracket. Window sill panels placed in place. Planks not secured with sealant or glue, so that we can still remove planks to vacuum when necessary ;)

The dimensions of the project

43.0 cm deep and 280.0 cm long.

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