A new windowsill from Pine Timmerpanel, by Sanne

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Very easy

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Sanne shares her inspiring DIY project on the blog, where she creates a beautiful new windowsill from pine wood panel. In her explanation you will find useful tips and instructions for making a functional and stylish windowsill yourself. Discover how to add a striking element to your interior with this simple project and breathe new life into your bay window with a personal touch.

Description by Sanne

We have made a custom-made windowsill for the bay window of my new apartment.

How I made this project

Because there was an asymmetrical shape in the bay window of this 1910 house, we decided to order a rectangular carpentry panel. And not the pre-cut trapezium. We carefully marked the shape of the bay window on this. So all sides and angles were measured. The edges were then sawn and sanded. Finally, we primed and varnished the plank. We insulated the radiators underneath with radiator foil before finishing the shelf with acrylic sealant.

Dimensions of my DIY project

290.0 cm by 54.0 cm

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How next?

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