Practical knee bulkhead cupboard and windowsill in dormer window, by Tony

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Inspiring DIY Project: knee wall cupboard

Do you dream of organizing your living space efficiently and stylishly? Then look at this inspiring DIY project by Tony, who, with the help of, has created a beautiful knee-length cupboard and windowsill in his dormer window. With his precisely cut to size panels of MDF Lacquer Carrier Foil 18 mm, Tony has brought his project to life and added an extra dimension to his interior.

Custom-made solutions

Tony' s project shows how custom furniture pieces can transform the look and functionality of a room. The knee bulkhead cupboard, strategically placed under the sloping walls of the dormer window, offers plenty of storage space without compromising on the available living space. The windowsill on top of the cabinet fits seamlessly with the window, creates a harmonious whole and offers extra space to place decorative elements.

Aesthetic finish and unique features

The cabinets are finished in a neutral color that contributes to the calm appearance of the room. The flat fronts of the cabinet doors provide a modern and sleek look. Also striking are the precisely cut openings for sockets and other connections, which testify to Tony's eye for detail.

The bedroom as a perfect setting

The choice to place this project in the bedroom , is ideal considering the storage needs in this particular room. With the smart use of the space under the sloping roof, every square meter can now be optimally benefited from. Not only are the clothes now easy to store, but the tidy atmosphere also ensures a peaceful night's sleep.

Benefits of making your own knee bulkhead closet

Building your own closet brings significant savings advantages. Not only can you tailor the dimensions to the available space down to the millimeter, but you also have the freedom to choose materials and finishes. In addition, it can provide significant cost savings compared to ready-made cabinets of the same size and quality.

Application of the style

Tony's choice for a minimalist and Contemporary style fits perfectly into the modern home. The simple design and the soft color of the MDF Lacquer Backing Foil give the cabinet a timeless look that is easy to integrate with different decorations over time.

Advantages of MDF Lacquer Backing Foil

MDF Lacquer carrier film 18 mm, the material from which the cabinets are made, offers specific advantages. The smooth surface is ideal for a sleek finish with paint or varnish. The stable composition of MDF ensures that the material does not deteriorate quickly, resulting in durable furniture that will last for years. Furthermore, MDF is easy to machine, so Tony was able to create the cabinet doors with precision for his dormer project.

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