Extra space for under your bed with these DIY bed drawers, by Ane

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2 minutes

Does your bedroom sometimes lack storage space? Then these bed drawers are a handy option! These drawers are made of MDF lacquer, it is easy to work with and looks great! Using MDF lacquer carrier saves a lot of work because you no longer have to prime. Just a quick finish is enough for a nice result! 

Bed drawers, by Ane

I made two drawers that are suitable for storing the children's spare parts under the bed. The drawers had to be 140.0 cm long and I couldn't find ready-made drawers for this size. And due to the low height, castors could not be used under the drawers.

How I made this project

After making a working drawing and ordering the necessary materials, I could to work. Glued one of the long sides to the bottom. Then the short sides one by one. Finally the second long side. Then the bottom was screwed down. The inside has been painted twice. Then glue and screw on the fixed part of the lid. Then attach the moving part of the lid to the fixed part of the lid with the piano hinge. Paint the entire outside twice. All visible ends of the unpainted MDF are finished with filler and yard. Finally, attach the wheels to the side so that they protrude by 5 mm.

Dimensions of my DIY project

140.0 x 60.0 x 19.5 cm

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How next?

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