Pantry made of carpentry panels, by Iris and Tessa

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3 minutes


The project I had already been working on for evenings at the time of ordering concerned a cupboard for the open kitchen. I call it 'Pantry cupboard 1.0' It would be an impressive pantry in all its glory, which also houses plates, cutlery and kitchen utensils. All in all, a cabinet that must be able to carry quite a bit of weight.

How did you proceed?

It can always be exciting to put together a wood project in a small amount of time. free time that we have in addition to our work and other obligations. Also one of the reasons that found the search for the best place to purchase wood, and not even custom-sawn wood with delivery, a gift from heaven.

To ensure that when I received the wood I only had to punch the holes and assemble it, I checked the calculations several times before submitting it via the website. The idea behind this was mainly that I did not have to spend days with many planks in the house.

The entire project, from receiving the wood and the with ordered materials took about 1.5 days. Tip: make a drawing with numbers or an alphabet and add these as features when ordering. I spent most of my time punching the holes, because oh what a shame it would be if the wood split due to carelessness or wanting to work too quickly.

However, the project did not go completely without a hitch. On the lower left side, from the floor, a capped water pipe protruded. Oops, overlooked! This meant that despite the careful calculations of the cabinet, we still had to cut out some of it. Well, that is of course manageable, since cutting the planks to size yourself would have taken at least 1 day, during which time the wood we received would have had to remain somewhere in our small house until the weekend and we would have had to spend a weekend completely in the dust. .

Finally, I personally really like this question; 'So, what did you learn from this?'

My answer:

Ordering wood via saves time, money, residual materials and the hassle of carrying heavy materials. In the future I will also check the entire space, including the floor, where the object will be placed.

And considering the service, even from the delivery person, is so good and my follow-up “project” is also on the fairly large side, it might be an option to try out their 'large projects' service. Perhaps I will then care about the many perforations of the wood?

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 2500x1270x300mm, completely tailor-made for the empty space in the corner .

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How next?

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