Custom round dining table, by Yvonne

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2 minutes

Inspiration for your own dining table

Do you want a unique dining area in your home? Be inspired by Yvonne's DIY project. With a diameter of 140 cm, she has created a beautiful round dining table that fits perfectly in her dining room. This pearl is the epitome of home-made elegance and an inspiring example of what you can achieve with a little creativity and the right materials.

The construction of the dining table

The table is completely finished cut to size with the expertise of The base consists of Plywood Poplar Lacquer, a choice that not only provides a modern look, but also guarantees quality. Thanks to the lacquer base layer, Yvonne was able to give the table a refined, gray color that matches the interior of her dining room.

Unique details that characterize the table

Simplicity was key when designing this table centrally. No unnecessary decorations, but a smooth finish and clean lines. The subtle, slightly raised edges give a playful effect and contribute to the unique design. The diameter of 140 cm makes it a spacious table where cozy dinners and long evenings are guaranteed.

Making your own dining table: flexibility and budget

Making a piece of furniture like this dining table yourself offers unprecedented benefits. Yvonne was able to specify the size, so the table fits perfectly in her space. You have complete freedom in choosing materials and determine the budget yourself. In addition, it is a sustainable option because you only use material that is necessary, which minimizes waste.

A finishing touch in Scandinavian style

Is the project finished? Then it's time to talk about style. Yvonne's dining table exudes a minimalist Scandinavian style, a trend characterized by simplicity, functionality and a love for natural materials.

The advantages of Multiplex Poplar Lacquer Bearing Gray Durapaint 18 mm

p>Finally, the wood used for Yvonne's table deserves special attention. Plywood Poplar Lacquer Gray Durapaint 18 mm is a versatile type of wood that is easy to work with. It has a smooth finish that is easy to paint and is also lightweight, making the table easy to move. The density of the wood ensures a sturdy structure and a long lifespan, making it an ideal choice for such a piece of furniture.

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How next?

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