A homemade side table made of plywood birch, by Menno

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Menno shares his experience with making a side table himself in this DIY project. He has chosen to order sturdy plywood 27mm online. By choosing the online sawing service, he was able to start the project immediately. The result is a unique and very sturdy side table!

Description by Menno

After looking for a nice side table to put a plant on for some time, I finally decided to make my own started drawing, ordered wood and wax oil and went to play the furniture maker.

How I made this project

After making a number of sketches, I finally opted for the design that has now been made . My construction drawings are generally drafts that are adjusted once or often, this was also the case. Ordered the material and glued it together using lamellos (there are no screws or nails in it). My projects are usually characterized by overkill, this table with a plant on it is probably also strong enough to serve as a stepping stone for two people.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Wide : 55.0 cm
High: 60.0 cm
Deep: 40.0 cm

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How next?

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