Create a Unique Beton Cire Dining Table with MDF, by Onur

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Build Your Own Concrete Cire Dining Table

Are you looking for a way to give your dining room a modern and industrial look? Then this project is perfect for you! Learn how to make a beautiful Beton Cire dining table yourself, just like Onur did. With simple materials such as MDF Blank 38 mm and Beton Cire, you can transform your dining space into something special.

The Main Object: The Beton Cire Table

The table that Onur has created is a true work of art. Starting with a 38mm thick MDF top, he very easily sawed and milled the shape to size and then refined it for a perfectly smooth surface. The finish with Beton Cire gives the table that characteristic cement look, which fits perfectly in a modern or industrial interior. The soft gray color of the Beton Cire makes the table easy to combine with various interior styles.

The Setting of the Project

Because Onur manufactured this table itself, the dining table looks beautiful in his living space. The gray tones of the Beton Cire resonate beautifully with the wooden floor and the sleek lines of the environment. Adding personal decorations makes this table not only functional, but also a focal point of the home.

Benefits of DIY

Making a Beton Cire dining table yourself if it offers several benefits. In addition to the pride you feel when realizing your own project, it gives you the freedom to adapt the design to your wishes. In addition, it can provide a significant cost saving compared to purchasing a comparable designer table.

Style and Character

The style that Onur has chosen is not only trendy but also timeless. The industrial Beton Cire means that this table can complement a diverse number of interiors. The minimalist shape and the seamless top make the table a subtle statement piece.

Advantages of MDF Blank

MDF is a versatile material that is easy to work with, ideal for DIY -self projects. The smooth structure ensures that the Beton Cire adheres nicely and gives an even end result. Because MDF Blank is 38 mm thick, it provides a sturdy base for a durable table that you will enjoy for years to come.

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