Building cabinet made of MDF primed with coat hangers, by Boris

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Boris de

Boris de



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I built a cupboard for the first time with wood from I opted for my own custom closet because it fits my small room better than any other alternative. This cabinet leans on my bed on the right side and has a notch so my bed drawer can still open. Ideal!

Custom wardrobe

I created this project by first measuring my room exactly. Then I outlined what I wanted to build. Later, precise measurements were made that I ordered from

I assembled the cabinet using iron plates as shown in the photo. I also used a spirit level to check whether everything was really straight. Finally, I sanded away protruding screws with a multi-tool. Tip: use the correct size screw!

A 240*42.5*1.8
B 110*42.5*0.9
C 192.1*42.5*1.8
D 106.2*239.1*0.9
E 61.9*42.5*0.9
F ( 3x) ​​61.9*41.6*1.2
G 44.5*41.6*1.8
H 106.4*41.6*1.8
I 78.2*42.5*1.8
J 106.4*41.6*1.8
K 61.9*41.6*1.8
L 42, 7*41.6*1.8
M 45*41.6*1.8

The dimensions of the project

This cabinet is 110.0 cm wide , 240.0 cm high and 42.0 cm deep

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