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We built a cabinet in the foyer with IKEA cabinets. To finish it we build the trim in MDF (ordered with 45 degree miter and rounded edge) and painted blue.

Update your cabinet with MDF

Ordered parts
Planning project, built with IKEA Best cabinets and a PAX closet turned to the side (shortened)
Order pieces
Trial fit
Painted with primer (also ordered) - lesson learned: use a finer roller as the structure was too rough. Did the wood glue with water for the edges, worked ok.
Painted two layers of flexacreations denim drift satin finish
Fitted pieces (no glue or screws needed)
Kit and paint (painted back wall with same color but for stone)
Added hooks (x3)

(maybe we will add a custom blue pillow later)

Eindformaat: Wat zijn de buitenmaten?

120,0 x 147,0 x41,0 cm

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