Make your own custom washing machine cabinet with sawn MDF, by Tommy

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2 minutes

In an older house you always have the challenge of crooked floors and walls. But to keep your washing machine and dryer neatly stored, making a cupboard yourself is a good idea. And by ordering your sawn sheet material online you can start your job immediately. In this DIY project Tommy shows how he went about this. 

Description of Tommy

A cupboard to house the washing machine and dryer. Doors will be added here later as well as drawers at the bottom. I still have to order this.

How I made this project

With such a crooked house, it is nice that you can work mm accurately with the wood ordered online. I started by measuring the space and designing the closet. After drawing the cabinet it was quite simple to calculate mm accurately which wood I needed. Initially I would need a lot of wood, but by cleverly puzzling with the tools from the webshop I ended up with a lot less wood and I used almost everything. Even the leftover pieces have come in handy. After receiving it, I only had to screw it together, it was as if I had ordered a cabinet in a store.

Dimensions of my DIY project

160.0 x 200 .0 cm

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How next?

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