Black MDF conversion for radiators, by Ria

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In this project, Ria shows how she upgraded her radiators with custom-made black MDF conversions. These functional and stylish additions contribute to the overall look of her interior, whilst also providing a practical solution for concealing the radiators.

Description from Ria

We have a conversion for the radiator at the front and back. We made this from black MDF, which is through and through, so no problems with damage that comes from a different color

How I made this project /h3>

We first measured the radiators. They are both different in height: the four uprights are 10 cm wide, the shelves are 15 cm wide. We screwed them to the back and placed them under the existing window sills. There is also a 10 cm wide stand on the sides. The intermediate size of the shelves is a folding ruler thickness, and of course it must be perfectly perpendicular.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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