Beautiful top panels for an IKEA NORDLI cupboard, by Jasper

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The skirting boards and top panels of the modular Ikea cabinets (Nordli) were not all available. This gave us the idea of ​​having oak panels cut to size ourselves. The result is immediately a lot nicer, and fits well with the forest/wood theme of our bedroom.

Custom oak worktop

We partly took over the dimensions from Ikea and for the With the large panel we extended it to the niche.
I used some scrap wood to level the height in the niche with the height of the cupboard. The furniture panels were ordered and then sanded and treated with wood oil against stains and warping. The panels are secured to the inside of the cabinet with a few chair corners. The result is impressive, if I say so myself.

The dimensions of the project

The large panel is 230.0 by 49.0 cm.
The longer length we use it to extend the panel to the niche in our bedroom.
The other panels are 47.0 cm deep and 40.0 or 80.0 cm wide.

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