Custom-made desk from pine wood panel, by Stanny

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We made a large desk in our study with two wooden panels, for two people. We are very happy with it, as it makes optimal use of the room. And of course very fun to make. We are still thinking about a color, but for now we are very satisfied!

Custom desk made of pine

First we sawed a few beams for the supports, and to legs to lengthen a bit. On the left side there is a beam of 180.0 cm, on the right side one of 80.0 cm. Then we drilled holes in the walls, in the beams and in the top. Then everything was secured with long screws, and the three legs were divided: one in the left corner, one at the intersection of both planks, and one exactly in the middle (but slightly to the back) of the large top. Then we sanded and varnished with a team, et voilà!

The dimensions of the project

250.0x80.0 & 100.0x40.0

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