A homemade loft bed made of custom pine carpentry panel, by Bert

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Bert shows how he made a beautiful loft bed himself. For this job he ordered custom-made pine carpentry panel panels. Read more about his approach and experience below.

Description of Bert

High sleeper on '1 leg'. In contrast to ready-made loft beds, making your own offers the opportunity to make the bed visually more floating. Not a single leg on the corner, but only 1 ladder, placed slightly out of the corner. At the end (main side) the frame is filled out towards a sloping wall. Handy for placing a bedside lamp or reading book. At the top of the stairs the frame has been 'rejuvenated', so that the knees do not rest on the wooden edge, but on the mattress.

How I made this project

The bed frame planks and ladder are custom ordered. The frame and ladder are made of 28mm thick pine. The plates for the bedside lamp on the end side (also under the bed) are 18mm pine. On the wall side, the bed is attached to the wall with M5 screws (under the top of the mattress). The ladder carries the free corner. The ladder posts are notched 28mm at the top, so that the bed frame rests neatly on them. The steps are recessed 8mm into the stiles. The frame and the stairs to the frame are connected with timber construction screws M8x80. The bed base supports are 27x27 pine slats which are secured with 50mm screws. The bottom is from IKEA. Finishing with whitewash could have been done (wood was beautiful), but Flexa Pure satin gloss was chosen, in the color of the wall.

Dimensions of my DIY project

For a mattress of 80.0 x 200.0 cm: Approx. 85.0 x 225.0 cm if you do not have a sloping corner at the end, but for example insert a 14.0 cm plate.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out bert's saw list and complete your order easily.


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