A custom-made children's bed for a niche, by Teun

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2 minutes

There are many nice children's beds on the market. But sometimes a standard bed doesn't fit or you want something slightly different. Making your own is always much more satisfying! In Teun's case, a standard bed turned out not to fit. He chose to work with sawn MDF panels himself. The result is a very beautiful children's bed!

Description by Teun

Custom-made children's bed in an alcove with drawers, socket and covered walls. The niche has a size of 202.0 by 74.0 cm and therefore a standard bed crib was not possible

How I made this project

Because we wanted to continue the plinth we first created an elevation using beams. A Besta drawer cabinet from Ikea has been placed on top. This is attached to the elevation so that no sliding or moving can take place afterwards. We then made the mattress frame using the planks from the webshop. This rests on extra beams so that the besta is not load-bearing. The sides, which contain a socket, are closed with custom-made MDF planks. We also covered custom-made MDF planks with PU foam and then covered them with fabric. These form the side walls as a soft and warm cabin. These rest on the bed frame and are removable using double-sided tape. The whole forms a children's bed with a mattress of 200 x 70 cm.

Dimensions of my DIY project

202 x 74

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How next?

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