A bathroom storage unit made from waterproof Okoume plywood, by Monika

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Monika shows how she made a beautiful and elegant piece of bathroom furniture from custom-made waterproof Okoume plywood panels. She finished this beautifully with matt chalk paint. A clever way to make an affordable and always fitting piece of furniture yourself.

Description by Monika

The first picture shows the initial state. The tiles were plastered and a pre-wall was created for moving the sink to the other wall. The new bathroom shelf was then constructed to fit the pre-wall, ceiling-high and with two different depths.

How I did this project

The target width and depth were determined and then a plan was drawn up how to put the lower and upper halves of the shelf together after pre-assembling them, without compromising on the overall height. The parts were made to fit precisely and painted with the matt chalk paint (see picture, source: Obi). The panels and shelves were connected invisibly with wooden dowels and glue. After positioning on the wall, both shelf parts were screwed to the wall. At the very end, the detailed elements were installed, such as the stainless steel hair dryer holder and the power socket for permanently wiring the hair dryer.

Dimensions of my DIY project

WxHxD = 33.0 x 236.0 x 30/21.0 cm (top/bottom)

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How next?

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