Vogue Carry 3 cargo bike renovation, by Eduan

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2 minutes

Eduan shares his renovation project of the Vogue Carry 3 cargo bike. He has transformed it into a practical and stylish means of transport. The project takes you through the renovation process and shows how the cargo bike has been transformed into a functional and beautiful appearance.

Description of Eduan

Since the box on our cargo bike is quite smooth, rotted due to wind and weather and ordering a new container could not be arranged in the end, so I cycled together a new container myself!

How I made this project

First Made a test model of plasterboard (we were renovating the attic, so I still had this left) and then measured it and ordered it online via TOSIZE.at. Very quickly everything arrived neatly packaged and the structure could be put together. Carefully drill holes everywhere and treat against moisture. Then seal all cracks and finish with rubber bumpers. Two short PVC pipes have been placed under the bench to drain the water that runs down behind the bench. The 'bak' Under the bench is finished with rubber sealer, which is actually intended for repairing flat roofs. The box has a rubber floor cut to size, so that the bottom plate lasts longer.

Dimensions of my DIY project

104l x 65w x 75h cm

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How next?

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