TV wall cabinet with decorative fireplace via TOSIZE Furniture, by Wouter

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Description by Wouter

We wanted a large custom wall cupboard that we could organize ourselves, and in which we could also incorporate a decorative fireplace. We chose the cabinet in 38mm furniture panel with black oak decor. We incorporated the fireplace into the cupboard, included a TV niche in which we hung the TV and we also installed spotlights in various compartments on the shelves. The sketch of the cupboard was easy to make via, and customer service also provided excellent help with consultation about the fireplace.

How I made this project

We have sketched a drawing and included the desired dimensions of the compartments, TV niche and fireplace. It turns out to be very easy to adjust the depth of the niches by changing the depth of the back panel. The store has also given very clear and good advice on how we can realize and order this. In fact, everything is already supplied complete and all you have to do is assemble it as a kit. All supplies are included, even wood glue. Tip; When delivering the package, sort everything according to the letters and numbers that are stuck on it, this prevents you from constantly moving all the plates during construction. On the advice of the store, we had the back of the niche where the fireplace should be placed at depth 0, so that the back wall is flush with the front of the cabinet. We then sawed out the hole for the fireplace, placed the fireplace and finished the hole with aluminum strips. We have placed spotlights in some compartments, according to our own taste. The spotlights are completely built into the plate, so you don't see any wires. We milled out the hole and used a long drill to drill a hole through the back for the cables. We connected everything to Philips Hue, so that the cabinet works on the smart home lighting. We hung the TV in the niche on the back plate, here too we chose a shallower niche that fits the TV. A piece of plywood is supplied for reinforcement to hang the TV. Furthermore, it is then a matter of anchoring the cupboard to the wall with the supplied angle irons and adjusting the cupboard doors slightly here and there.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The outside dimensions are; 410.0 cm wide, 230.0 cm high, and 40.0 cm deep.

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How next?

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