TV cabinet made of MDF black V313, by Peter

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TV cabinet with speaker cloth in the middle so that your equipment can no longer be seen. For hanging, place a slat on the wall, an oblique notch and also one on the furniture itself. Then you can lift it straight up and lift it off again if necessary.

Custom TV furniture

Based on what I had, but now from the ground up.
Measure the old one and then make a drawing with the measurements and order it from you. Was great. I have been working a lot on the thickness of the MDF, but you have to take this into account when you calculate everything. Had 1 mistake, 2x 18 mm is 36 mm if you subtract that from 350 it is 314 and not 324, so had to subtract 1 cm from 2 center panels, too bad my own mistake

The dimensions of the furniture

240.0 x 35.0 x 35.0

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