TV cabinet made of MDF Black for existing mantelpiece

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A TV cabinet made of 12 mm thick Black MDF, with 3 different compartments. 2 compartments are closed by a trap door, 1 compartment is an open compartment for magazines

How did you make the furniture?

I wanted to make a TV cabinet for an existing mantelpiece. One part had to fit into the old chimney opening, one part had to be in front of the existing chimney and then another part had to be next to the chimney. I didn't really know how to start until I had the idea to work with the open columns of Because if you place the column on its side, you actually already have an 'open cupboard'. :-) So I ordered 3 columns with varying heights (which in my case were depths) that I could then mount next to each other. For 2 columns I also ordered a rectangle as a cupboard door that I mounted with a piano hinge and I sent a construction drawing of the top by email so that you did not see that I had actually placed 3 columns next to each other.

What are the dimensions: 190.0 cm wide, varying depths depending on the mantelpiece. 40.0cm high

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