Sleek play desk living room with oak panels, by Irene

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Very easy

2 minutes


A play desk for the play corner in the living room, where the children can play standing up or sit in their chairs. The desk is equipped with a bumper to prevent damage to the wall and this also provides a nice appearance.

Work description: how did you realize your project

We have ordered 2 planks via - Oak carpentry panel A/B 26mm; 134mm * 47mm for the desk itself. - Oak carpentry panel A/B 19mm; 134mm*10mm for the bumper. We have had the desk rounded at both corners at the front (radius 1.0 cm), so that the children do not easily fall into their heads here. The top and bottom of the planks are also rounded on the front and sides of the plank (radius 4mm). Before fixing, we treated the plank with an extra matt lacquer layer for protection. For attachment to the wall, we bought a batten from the hardware store of approx. 2x3cm, with a length of 124.0 cm. This lath is fixed to the wall. The desk is screwed to it from the bottom and rests on the legs of scaffolding tubing.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Length: 134.0 cm Depth: 47.0 cm Board thickness: 26 mm Desk height: approx. 53 cm The sizes are tailored to the space in our annex and therefore deviate from 'standard' children's furniture.

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