Scandinavian style meter cupboard with plywood, made by Mamoesjka

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4 minutes

You don't have to struggle at all to get a closed, Scandinavian-finished meter cupboard! Easily make your doors yourself by ordering the wood to measure from us. Mamoesjka got to work and explains here how you can easily make your own cupboard doors. And the result is beautiful!

A look inside Mamoesjka

Our house is always tidy and clean full-time. We can eat off the floor and if you like, you can lick our toilet seat. Uhh, do you really believe that? I regularly receive questions and comments on Instagram: How do I keep my house so tidy and empty?

Everyone has a cupboard in their home that you have to open very carefully. We had a cupboard in the hall, full of stuff! A box with old school diaries, stickers and pictures of television series and boy bands from the 90s. Folders with flippos, empty batteries, board games and empty jars. Lots of empty pots!

I started cleaning up because less stuff ensures peace in the house and peace in your mind! A cupboard or a junk room right next to the front door actually causes noise upon entry. I took dozens of gloves in small sizes, scarves with Miffy and slippers in size 32 to the thrift store. My son took the glass to the bottle bank and I took unworn coats to a family down the street from us.

How I made this project


To make your house a little calmer, you don't have to drastically throw away things right away. If from today (okay, from tomorrow too) you start thinking a little more consciously about everything you buy and keep, you will notice a real difference in the coming months.

I suddenly had a cupboard with empty storage bins with space for coats and shoes. Exactly what a cupboard in the hall is intended for! I decided to finish the cupboard with doors made of the most beautiful material.


I have a simple saw table at home, but I opt for large sizes like quality and a sleek finish. I could easily order materials via I had the most beautiful wood cut to size with millimeter accuracy. Usually my ideas are bigger than my car, so it is very convenient that will deliver the sheet material to your home for free!

Getting started

For the doors I chose birch plywood of 18 mm thick. I had 2 doors cut to size and 1 front for a drawer. I collected all kinds of wood in the shed, this was the time to reuse the wood. I made a wooden box/drawer from the residual materials. The idea is to be able to store bags and other large items in the storage bin.

I also ordered from long slats/beams of birch plywood for the frame. Very nice to have these types of dimensions (long and narrow) professionally sawn. This is not possible at home without losing a number of fingers. Hehe.... The most important task is to level these beams properly.

I used surface-mounted hinges to attach the doors. You can find these at the hardware store and ensure easy mounting. I used 4 hinges per door so that they are firmly connected to the frame. With a 26 mm speed drill I made 2 holes which serve as a handle. A simple, cheap and beautiful solution!

Easy to say?

Because I had everything cut to size, this was a simple job with a great result. What a metamorphosis! Even if you are not very handy, you can do this job. An important task is to properly measure the required materials. will do the rest!

Do you have any questions about my cabinet doors? Do you need help with devising, creating or would you like to discuss? I like to share my creativity. Contact us via Instagram @mamoesjka_nl

Dimensions of my DIY project

+/- 223.0 * 90.0 cm

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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